E. Maner

Letter: Hit the books in 2015

My Sept. 8 letter to the editor “Treat yourself to books” recommended 10 fascinating books to Augusta readers. For 2015, I’m recommending 10 more... Read more

Letter: Treat yourself to books

I want to inspire and promote positive book-reading in the Augusta community.

Therefore, my recommendations of the following books are for... Read more

Letter: Reading is empowering

For me, reading books never felt so good. I have to mention who influenced and motivated me to start reading books for human growth, maturity,... Read more

Letter: Book exposes exploitation

My reading addiction has drawn me to read the beautifully written book The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander.

This awesome book... Read more

Letter: Men would be fine mayors

The Augusta mayoral election is several months away. I’m not voting for candidates who are political pimps, arrogant political bullies and... Read more

Letter: Article targets mental illness

It was an honor and pleasure to read the wonderful, beautiful, meaningful and informative article by the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III in the October... Read more

Letter: Obama's remarks were fair...

For President Obama to have lavished positive praise and recognition upon California’s state attorney general, Kamala Harris, it was a beautiful,... Read more

Letter: Roundtree is right choice

Choosing Richard Roundtree as the new Richmond County sheriff was the right move. It’s obvious this gentleman is smart and highly intelligent;... Read more