Dr. Gene Norris

Paul's experiences show how Christ influences us...

In Christ we find purpose in living. When the Apostle Paul claimed Christ as his Lord and Savior, his purpose in life changed from persecuting... Read more

Intercessory prayer changes us, not God

When the Apostle Paul wrote in Thessalonians, "to this end we always pray for you," he obviously expressed a firm belief in intercessory prayer; i... Read more

Column: Gain comfort through God's promises...

When we have to face the prospect of the death of a loved one, God expects us to hope for more than the eye can see, the mind can comprehend and... Read more

Scriptures' eternal truths reinforce faith in Christ...

Paul wrote his letter to the Colossian church to deal with the erroneous claims of misinformed teachers. Many of the members in the congregation... Read more

God's compassion embraces all people

God used the story of Jonah to shock the Jewish people of that day into realizing the absurdity of limiting God's grace to only Jewish people.... Read more

Persistent faith can pay great dividends


As I approach four score years, the one characteristic I value most in myself and others is persistency. Can anything be achieved... Read more

This can be season for renewed hope

The story of the birth of Jesus is fraught with hardship, poverty, plots to murder, death of innocent children, stress and anguish.

In... Read more

Steadfast faith is required of the ones called to serve

The gospel writer Mark is a person I would like to have known.

He was a "bottom-line" writer with no frills or long stories. He provided... Read more

God is close, especially when we think he's not

To live in covenant with God means that God cares. Try to tell that to people smarting from the sting of the death of a loved one, and they might... Read more

Disagreements will occur, even in the family of God

Everyone yearns to belong, to be a part of a family or fellowship, and to have friends.

For those of us who are Christians, the Apostle... Read more