Don Turner

Letter: Vote for Lee Anderson

In the upcoming state Senate runoff in District 24 between Lee Anderson and Greg Grzybowski, I would like to make a few comments.... Read more

Letter: Give voters who they want

I have listened to opposition Republican “leadership” knocking Donald Trump, and deadbeat, two-time loser Mitt Romney bashing him.... Read more

Letter: Back Second Amendment

If President Obama wants more gun control, first let him remove firearms from his bodyguards.

This man took an oath to... Read more

Letter: Gun letter needs add-ons

I read with great interest the letter from Ted Thomas of Aiken (“Make gun laws tougher,” Oct. 16). I have had some of the same thoughts for... Read more

Letter: They're busy shoveling...

Regarding Victor Reilly’s Dec. 31 letter “Jeb Bush in 2016? No”:

First, President Obama faced no financial crisis in 2009! His election... Read more

Letter: Trouble looming ahead?

It is hard to sit here and listen and watch the turmoil in Ferguson, Mo., over the death of Michael Brown, who attacked a police officer and was... Read more

Letter: Another civil war likely?

When are the American people going to wake up and realize that people such as President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, House Minority Leader... Read more

Letter: Line crew comes through

I live in a rural area of the Berzelia community in Columbia County, with lots of trees. Our area is at the end of the power grid, the last to be... Read more

Letter: Obamacare makes it worse

In the past six months, I have had appointments with my three doctors – primary care, ortho and eye. I have had these physicians for years. We... Read more