Diane Forrester

Letter: Appreciate our officers

Those of us born in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s can remember “treats” such as candy bars, bottles of pop, salty snacks and five-piece packs of... Read more

Letter: TV grows more offensive

Several times I’ve heard that the best button on the remote control is the off button. How true that is these days as one reads the TV section of... Read more

Letter: Grow senior friendships

In January 2014 I submitted a letter to the editor titled “Widow’s loving gift treasured.” It was about a blind female senior friend, now 88, at a... Read more

Letter: Give kindly to seniors

Christmas gift-giving is approaching, and how enjoyable it is to give and receive gifts. I’d like to offer a bit of advice when giving gifts to... Read more

Letter: Widow's loving gift treasured...

The typical holiday reminders have been curbside or packed in the attic for weeks. However, in our home, we have decided to keep the most... Read more

Letter: Investigate these topics

Please do some type of reporting on these issues:

• What is with the cameras at many intersections across Columbia County? Too many... Read more

Letter: Play at Kroc Center was enlightening

How often do you spend more than $10 at a movie, only to walk out disgusted later because of the trashiness of it? With only a few more showings,... Read more