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Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015

"Pro" Column: Vote 'yes' on SPLOST: Penny will help Augusta's much-needed growth

There are key components that must be provided by local government to accommodate future growth.
By Deke Copenhaver

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013

Column: Augusta is poised for a prosperous 2014

I pledge to you all that I'm fully committed to working as hard as possible to make great things happen for Augusta in the coming year.
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guest Column: Old city landmarks can breathe new life into a growing Augusta

If we are able to achieve the lofty goal of the completion of the Mills and Cultural campuses, it would represent the ultimate win-win-win for the state, the university and the city.
By Deke Copenhaver

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guest Column: National forum addressed challenges faced by our veterans

I invited all those in attendance to visit Augusta to learn from what we're doing here.
By Deke Copenhaver

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

Guest Column: Officials' bullying has to stop now

Our local elected officials need to hear an overwhelming, albeit respectful, message from citizens and businesses throughout Augusta that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated.
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012

Guest Column: Teamwork boosted Augusta in 2011

Happy New Year to each of you, and thank you for all that you do to make Augusta a great city.
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guest Column: Maximize our city's assets to draw the best, brightest

Are we a cool city today? Absolutely. Can we become cooler? Without a doubt.
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guest Column: Local ambassadors can bring out Augusta's best for Masters Week

There are so many reasons for each of us to be proud to call Augusta home, and those reasons are worth sharing with visitors.
By Deke Copenhaver

Friday, Jan. 1, 2010

City stayed solid amid trying economic times

Now that 2009 has drawn to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the significant highlights of the past year that undoubtedly will propel Augusta to greater heights in years ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008

Facts, people, bear out my faith in Augusta

As 2008 draws to a close, Augusta has much to be thankful for during these difficult economic times.
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008

Investment strengthens MCG, Augusta ties

The Medical College of Georgia is a valuable local resource with an important statewide mission: improving health through highly integrated programs in education, research, and clinical care.
By Deke Copenhaver and Dr. Dan Rahn

Sunday, Aug 17, 2008

Beyond the numbers: Demographic data belie Augusta's successes

During my almost three years as mayor of Augusta, I have made it a point to take every opportunity I can to inform the public of what I see going on daily in our community. To give the citizens of ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2007

City's amazing 2007 sets stage for an even better 2008

As 2007 draws to a close and we look ahead to what no doubt will be an outstanding 2008, I wanted to take an opportunity to share with the citizens of Augusta some of the incredible achievements ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, Dec. 16, 2007

Many made celebration a success

Our hearts were warmed Dec. 8 as true Christmas spirit and community pride were so very evident in downtown Augusta for The Augusta Chronicle's first Christmas Light-Up Spectacular.
By Deke Copenhaver and Julian Roberts

Sunday, Sept. 2, 2007

New local government must serve needs of many, not interests of few

As our city again enters election season, I wanted to take a moment to share with local citizens my perspective on qualities that I am hopeful this year's group of candidates will exemplify as we ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quality of life, quality of the football, on the move in Augusta

Though we as a community now find ourselves in what some refer to as "the lazy days of summer," I can assure our citizens with great certainty that Augusta has not taken the summer off.
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A BID to save downtown

Picture yourself taking a leisurely stroll down Broad Street on a nice Saturday afternoon. As you try to remember the location of that popular new restaurant your neighbor recommended, you notice ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, Dec. 24, 2006

Augusta's successful 2006 portends more great things for 2007

As 2006 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to share with the citizens of Augusta some of the highlights of what has been nothing short of an exceptional year for our city and ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Proposed development would move city forward

Much has been made of the city of Augusta's looming $5 million budget deficit. Much has also been made of a proposed $120 million condominium project on the city-owned pension property fronting ...
By Deke Copenhaver

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006

Harness our community's giving spirit by helping Augusta first

Over the past five years, Augusta has shared much in the monumental tragedies that have served to help define the modern world, both at home and abroad, From the terrorist attacks of 9-11 to the ...
By Deke Copenhaver
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