David Reville

Letter: Everyone's racist now...

Until recent years, I thought a “racist” was someone who believed that one race of people was genetically superior to other races. I also knew... Read more

Letter: Our union isn't perfect, just more so than others; right...

This is a response to Mr. Bobby Etheridge’s letter of Nov. 14.

As a Christian, surely you know Christians aren’t perfect. Neither is the... Read more

Letter: Could God be explanation?

President Obama and others have repeatedly called me and millions of other Americans “flat-earthers” and “science deniers.”

Science is more... Read more

Letter: Immigration 'reform' a joke...

The U.S. Senate recently passed immigration “reform,” or what many rightfully call “amnesty.” The Senate apparently was willing to legalize these... Read more

Column: Internet sales tax would deal killing blow to small businesses


Georgia’s U.S. senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, voted another tax increase for us.

As with names given to so many... Read more