David G. Brown

Letter: Security was appallingly lax

I read the lead story in the Sept. 3 Augusta Chronicle (“FBI releases report on Clinton’s email”) with utter disgust.... Read more

Letter: Please don't elect Hillary...

With the heat and hype of the political season, there is an interesting article I found in the London newspaper The Daily... Read more

Letter: A question, Mrs. Clinton

After the sophomoric, stupid questions asked of the Republican candidates for president at the Oct. 28 debate, I have about given up on the... Read more

Letter: Share roads with cyclists

I read an entry in The Augusta Chronicle’s Rants and Raves column in which the writer suggested people on bicycles limit their activity... Read more

Letter: Climate data skewed

The June 5 Augusta Chronicle had an article titled “Global warming ‘hiatus’ never happened, NOAA scientists say.”

The first... Read more

Letter: Show support for officers

I read about an event that has started on social media. It is called Blue Light Week. People are asked to replace a blue light bulb as their porch... Read more

Letter: Ebola crisis mismanaged

Nothing symbolizes President Obama’s administration as well as the Ebola situation in the United States. The situation has everything the Obama... Read more

Letter: Crisis goes unanswered

I remember years past when, if America faced a crisis, the president would address the nation, define the crisis and how to deal with the crisis.... Read more

Letter: We have to swallow this?

President Obama has lauded Big Government as the font of all that is good in America. His statement “You didn’t build that” is his declaration... Read more