David Colmans

Inside Insurance: What happened to the lights?

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Inside Insurance: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the drunkest one of all?

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety warns that Georgia motorists are on track for an increase in this year’s highway fatalities for the first... Read more

Inside Insurance: Keep the holidays safe

Here’s the headline that got my attention: “Wallet, GPS reported stolen from car.” It’s time for the annual warning that is so often ignored.... Read more

Inside Insurance: Is it the speed or the distance?

Recent trips on Interstate 75 from Atlanta to Chattanooga and Atlanta to Macon were a real exercise in chaos at its best.

Those trips are... Read more

Inside Insurance: Insurance provides 68,000 jobs in Georgia

The insurance industry in Georgia has a significant impact on the state’s economy that extends well beyond its responsibilities to collect... Read more

Inside Insurance: Kitchen and bathroom water damage can be costly

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Inside Insurance: Two wheels makes a big difference

A motorcycle with three vehicles behind it stopped at a red light in the Atlanta metro this week. Vehicle four slams into the third car, and there... Read more

Inside Insurance: Hurricane Isaac and insurance coverage lessons

Hurricane Isaac managed to get the attention of people in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as it crossed the Gulf.

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Inside Insurance: Know your auto insurance card

Calls come to my office just about every week when the caller says, “Is this Georgia Insurance?”

I explain that the Georgia Insurance... Read more

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