Dave Stewart Sr.

Letter: How is gas price racist?

Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor all are great black comedians, but are in danger of being eclipsed by our own Tunk Martin. I read... Read more

Letter: Time for more recalls?

I guess it’s inevitable trickle-down.

The executive and judicial branches of federal government use the Constitution and its principles as... Read more

Letter: Police dogs questionable

Reading about Grovetown’s latest Mayberry McGruff, I am underwhelmed (“New K-9 gets drug arrest in first week with squad,” March 21). I have been... Read more

Letter: Why not take credit?

I take exception to your Nov. 11 editorial “Conduct unbecoming,” asserting that a Navy SEAL undermined his comrades by taking credit for killing... Read more

Letter: Don't delay Obamacare...

Dierks Bentley has an amusing music video titled What Was I Thinking? – in which a young man pursues the affections of a desirable young... Read more

Letter: Tax disguised as 'fairness'...

Every time I read the word “fairness,” especially in the titles of legislation, I know two things: 1) It ain’t; 2) Someone’s going to get wronged... Read more

Letter: Guns' future? Look at history...

History is a marvelous thing. Though the particulars and circumstances change, it still can unerringly predict the future. This is because the... Read more

Polygamists are being persecuted

Universal truth: Any words following "for your safety," "your convenience," "your own good" or "the children," are unfailingly a lie. Texas seized... Read more