Dave Boyer

Obama: Navy Yard shooting ‘cowardly’

President Obama said the shooting deaths at the Washington Navy Yard Monday were a tragedy and the victims were “patriots.”

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Obama vows fight on voting rights

President Obama told a gathering of civil rights leaders at the White House on Monday that his administration is committed to restoring legal... Read more

Obama warns of 'social tensions' if GOP resists...

Deploying the rhetoric of class warfare against congressional Republicans, President Obama warned Wednesday that "social tensions will rise" if... Read more

White House supports NSA authority to monitor and seize data, opposes amendment

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Obama to campaign base: Get going pushing my agenda

President Obama gave supporters their marching orders for promoting his agenda Monday night, urging an advocacy group that was created from the... Read more

Amid delays, Obama pitches benefits of health law

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Obama takes case for immigration reform to Spanish language TV

President Obama on Tuesday intensified his summer campaign to pressure House Republicans to approve immigration reform, conducting interviews with... Read more

FCC head sees waste in school Internet push

A member of the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday that public schools — including those in President Obama's hometown of Chicago —... Read more