Daniel Barden

Letter: Gridlock is the GOP's fault...

President Obama has asked for $3.7 billion from Congress to deal with the current immigration crisis. This money is intended to (1) set up new... Read more

Letter: Unfettered capitalism bad

Capitalism has been a force for progress in the world. It has lifted millions of people out of poverty and created a vibrant middle class.

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Letter: Caving is a bad precedent

The current Republican talking point is that President Obama refuses to negotiate, or that he is unwilling to meet with Republican leaders and “... Read more

Letter: Gays deserve marriage right

Cal Thomas’s recent column describing his opposition to gay marriage reiterated some familiar arguments.

First, allowing gay citizens to... Read more

Letter: Gun control saves lives

In our national gun debate, gun-rights advocates have misrepresented the intentions of President Obama and those who seek tighter restrictions on... Read more