Dan McDermott

Letter: Fossil fuel OK

Gas in Saudi Arabia is 62 cents a gallon. Seems like it would be easier to just build a pipeline to America and forget all the nonsense about “... Read more

Letter: Dead simple

The president could pull all the troops out of Guantanamo; place all the Muslim terrorists at Gitmo on his kill list; call in a few drone strikes... Read more

Letter: Justice Department a joke

There are 1.4 million people in the U.S. military. They all have picture ID cards, and get to vote.

The Justice Department, which recently... Read more

Could military help Augusta stand up?

There is a simple solution to Augusta's cartoon government. Let a small contingent from Fort Gordon come in to manage and operate the city. All... Read more

Letter: Undersupported military, undeclared wars


Congress last declared war on Dec 7, 1941. World War II was won in less than four years.

Since then, our government has sent... Read more

Letter: Obama needs a new line of work


President Obama needs to take a leave of absence.

He should go run Afghanistan or BP for a year; get a little on-the-job... Read more

Letter: Questions linger on local reactor deal


President Obama will give Georgia Power more than $8 billion to build nuclear reactors only if they use union labor for construction... Read more

Health-care plan smacks of communism

Democratic radicals continue their never-ending, mind-numbing, lying nonsense about their communist-inspired socialist health-care agenda.... Read more