Dan Almeter

Letter: Religious freedom at risk

I was sorely disappointed in The Augusta Chronicle’s Sept. 5 editorial “Separation of church and job” when it recommended, “If you can’t... Read more

Letter: Christians must stay strong

It is now estimated that more Christians were killed for their faith in the 20th century than in the first 19 centuries combined. The killing... Read more

Letter: Pray for cultural healing

There is a new form of holocaust that has been taking place in the past few decades. Unlike the horrible Holocaust of World War II, this holocaust... Read more

Letter: Don't be silent on morality...

Gay-rights activists, with an assembly of elitists wielding their muscle in the media, education, health care, government and within some churches... Read more

Letter: Don't support radical gay activism...

What's up with Mayor Deke Copenhaver and Augusta Commissioner Joe Bowles, along with a number of local businesses, giving endorsements, welcomes... Read more