Dalton E. Brannen

Letter: SPLOST 7 is a bad idea

Taxpayers wisely rejected the special-purpose local option sales tax for Richmond County six months ago, and should do so again now.... Read more

Letter: Don't let animals die...

It is a very sad situation in the Animal Services Department of Richmond County government. This department refuses to do what is readily possible... Read more

Letter: Stand up for the animals

Thank you for the outstanding editorial June 26 regarding the Augusta-Richmond County Animal Services Department and the attendant issues and... Read more

Letter: Animal shelter needs help

During this time of the year, there is a lot of reporting on the programs and acts of kindness to assist the needy. The stories regarding these... Read more

Letter: Humane society needs help

I read the reporting on recent random acts of kindness and the programs giving food and toys to the needy. These efforts warm the soul and are... Read more

Letter: Greenbaum's letter more of the same...

After reading Lowell Greenbaum's letter ("Shooting spurs an avalanche of 'whys,'" Jan. 13); and having given the appropriate consideration to the... Read more