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Letter: Don't judge gays harshly...

There seems to be continued debate over what constitutes liberty and discrimination as per the Arizona bill that was recently vetoed.

There... Read more

Letter: Drug war is pointless

There are many Americans against the legalization of marijuana and other drugs. Heroin had a big spotlight in the news recently after the death of... Read more

Letter: Boss isn't morality judge...

On Jan. 6, The Augusta Chronicle published an editorial titled “What freedoms will be left?” It talked about how providing birth control... Read more

Letter: Can't we just coexist here?...

This is in response to the article titled “Churches split on gay youths,” which is about certain religious groups that have condemned all... Read more

Letter: Give Libertarians a chance

Both liberals and conservatives get it wrong half the time when it comes to talking about how government should function. Both focus more on lofty... Read more

Letter: Why oppose gay marriage?

This is in response to several articles I’ve read lately on the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage.

OK, I get that there is a general... Read more

Letter: Why not theorize on God?

Most of the time religion has little to do with science. However, I see hypocrisies in what we’re allowed to theorize and what is taboo.

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Letter: We're not in moral decline...

I’m sick and tired of hearing all this moral decline rhetoric recently. For the sake of argument, I’m choosing to take a positive perspective.... Read more

Letter: Ponder moral legislation

There’s so much talk these days about all kinds of social issues and how to approach them as far as the rule of law is concerned. We tend to ask... Read more

Letter: Let Muslims practice religion freely


Regarding the editorial "Respect runs both ways" (Aug. 17):

I don't like the idea of putting up a mosque near the World Trade... Read more