Craig Douglas Albert Ph.D.

Column: Jindal, Graham win undercard debate

Prediction: This is the last we will see from several of the candidates of the second Republican primary debate. Those candidates in the single... Read more

Column: Trump's temperament, shortcomings make him an unworthy...

In a recent interview with Carl Thornton Jr. on local radio station WTHB (1550 AM), he and I discussed that Donald Trump has not been given a fair... Read more

Column: How did candidates fare in first debate?

In Monday’s column, I stated my reasons for declaring Dr. Ben Carson and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as the winner and runner-up, respectively,... Read more

Column: Who won the debate? It might surprise you

Who won the first Republican primary debate Thursday night?

It will come as no surprise for those who know me well because I will differ... Read more

Column: Fiorina, Jindal tops in 5 p.m. GOP debate

There are three principal points to be taken from the 5 p.m. Republican Primary presidential debate Thursday.

First, all are wrong... Read more

Column: New developments underscore rising threat of Chechen extremism

This past week the surviving suspect of the Boston bombings, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was sentenced to death.

After the bombing, I presented my... Read more

Column: Regardless of our religious beliefs, surely we all can love one...

We last left off discussing both parts concerning religion in the First Amendment, and how important they are. But sadly, many of my religious... Read more

Column: Religion in society provides desperately needed social control

Last week we left off discussing some practical goods religion provides. But the argument is much deeper than this.

For sincere individuals... Read more