Clint Wolfe

Guest Column: Positive polls signal bright future for nuclear energy


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Letter: Vogtle project is a boon

Feb. 9, 2012, is a date that will always be special to me because that is the day the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the Construction and... Read more

Letter: MOX facility scores highly

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Letter: Examine big picture of MOX mission

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Letter: SRS operator helps shepherd pupils


We should all thank and congratulate Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, the operator of Savannah River Site, for sponsoring science,... Read more

Letter: SRS site manager will be missed greatly


We read the headlines that we hoped we would not have to read: Jeff Allison is out as Department of Energy site manager of Savannah... Read more

Chicken Little may be right after all

For decades, those who have overdramatized the dire consequences of a particular situation have been ridiculed as being "Chicken Littles."... Read more