Clifford Henning

Letter: What have we become?

What nation have we become when “one nation under God” is offensive in the Pledge of Allegiance? Or when the Constitution is treated as... Read more

Letter: The problem? The hyphen

The problem with America is the hyphen. Does “African-American” mean an African citizen with ties to America? Does “Latin-American” mean... Read more

Letter: Shun radicals, socialism

What concerns me is President Obama’s comment that 99.9 percent of Muslims reject radical Islam even though 33 percent of Muslim-Americans... Read more

Letter: Socialism doesn't work...

We refuse to learn from history. This election is a battle between capitalism and socialism; freedom or governmental control; freedom of... Read more

Letter: Terror solution? Really?

Terrorism is now on the run. The nations of the world have put together a global warming agreement to save the planet.

... Read more

Letter: What's Obama thinking?...

I have listened to President Obama and I fear for the safety of our country. What is he thinking?

Paris was attacked by... Read more

Letter: Does nation want to fail?

If America is going to fail, it will be by our own will.

We cry against gaining wealth, but capitalism is our heritage. We beg for a free... Read more

Letter: Take our nation back

Might as well legalize abomination so those who want to be lawless and immoral will be allowed to do things against moral authority and the Spirit... Read more