Chuck Tatum

Letter: Election to decide control

The November election will determine whether elites in the Washington, D.C., political establishment will continue to centrally control the... Read more

Letter: Vote for business sense

It is important to have someone with business sense running the federal government. We are told that cutting taxes will bankrupt the nation... Read more

Letter: New bubble might burst

The government blaming lenders for the “mortgage crisis” of 2007 is like someone throwing cash from a rooftop and blaming people for picking... Read more

Letter: Obama acted illegally

The people’s elected representatives in Congress determine a need and pass a law appropriating funds to meet the need. The executive branch... Read more

Letter: Rethink rich and poor

The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer? Wrong! The gap between the incomes may be widening, but the poor are getting... Read more

Letter: 'Selective Service' sexist...

There is no draft. The last draft was for Vietnam – more than 40 years ago!

We have a sexist law called the Selective... Read more

Letter: Minimize consumption

We talk a lot about tax reform, but nothing gets done. The reason is that Congress’ power comes from giving credits, deductions and other “... Read more

Letter: Enforce immigration law

This topic is approached as all or nothing. Absurd!

It is impractical to deport 12 million illegals all at one time. It... Read more