Chris Kahn

Oil prices fall as US supplies grow

NEW YORK — A “build” and a “Twist” knocked oil prices to the floor on Wed­nesday.

In the morning, the government announced a surprise... Read more

Oil prices continue downward slide

NEW YORK — The price of oil dropped below $90 per barrel Wednesday, the latest milestone in a weekslong decline brought on by uncertainty... Read more

Oil prices still falling

NEW YORK — The price of oil continues to decline on the expectation that world markets will be flush with extra supplies this year.

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Oil price falls to lowest in 2012

NEW YORK — The price of oil hit its lowest level of the year Monday after election results in Europe appeared to jeopardize the region’s plan for... Read more

Price of gas falling nationwide

NEW YORK — The worst appears to be over. Gasoline prices are going down.

After a four-month surge pushed gasoline to nearly $4 per gallon in... Read more

Natural gas prices lowest in 10 years


NEW YORK — America’s vast supply of natural gas is getting even bigger. And prices are falling even lower.

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Gas hits average $3.80 a gallon

NEW YORK — After a brief respite, the price of gasoline is climbing again. The average price for a gallon of gasoline rose a nickel over the... Read more

Gas price rises despite oil drop


NEW YORK — Oil prices took a breather Monday, falling slightly as investors booked some profits after a seven-day surge. Retail... Read more