Cherry Young

Letter: Stadium? Look at floods

I hope as North Augusta City Administrator Todd Glover was viewing the flood damage in River North and River Club and by the Hammond’s Ferry... Read more

Letter: All noise, few benefits

I agree with Stephen Donohue wholeheartedly about Project Jackson (“Stadium deal is rotten,” Oct. 23).

Let’s maybe do... Read more

Letter: 'Progress' destructive...

As I walked the North Augusta Greeneway one recent Saturday morning, the first two deer I saw were in the clearing in front of the... Read more

Letter: Park should be preserved

I agree with Juliana Smith (“Calculate value of park,” May 28). The value of Brick Pond Park, as it is, is priceless.

The city of North... Read more

Letter: Don't spoil this habitat...

If you park and look through the green mesh fence where a parking deck is being built behind a health-care billing company near the North Augusta... Read more

Letter: Don't bring stadium here...

As I read George Clark’s letter about the noise from Augusta’s outdoor concert (“Concert was far too noisy,” June 18) , I plead again with the... Read more

Letter: Traffic would be disruptive

After reading again about North Augusta’s Project Jackson being pushed through, and a stadium being ready by spring of 2015, I wonder if the “... Read more

Letter: March about this issue

I have said from the very first day that a national health-care system was even whispered about in Washington: Let’s have what our members of... Read more

Letter: No one should use N-word

As businesses continue to nail Paula Deen to the cross for use of the N-word, I question the integrity of everyone. If that word is truly... Read more