Cher Best

Cher in the City: Movie reminds of power of friendship

This weekend, I was watching some old movies. Not black-and-white old, just some of the ones I enjoyed back in the day.

I happened to run... Read more

Column: Talked-about stories of 2012 still vivid

It’s been quite a year. I think I can safely say that it is a blessing to see another one. Still, is it just me or, quite frankly, did 2012 have... Read more

Cher in the City: Time to show kids you care

There are few things that I look forward to annually: Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK’s birthday, Augusta Exchange Club Fair, and the GHSU (formerly... Read more

Cher in the City: Holidays put me in happy place

Can you believe that November is here? This year has flown by. Not only can I look forward to Thanksgiving, but then Black Friday (OK, so it’s a... Read more

Cher in the City: Shared kindness is sweetest side of life

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned respect, honor and just small acts of kindness?

The thing that I most appreciate about our armed... Read more

Cher in the City: Sharing decisions could be cool

People often ask me when I am going to get married. I imagine any single person over 30 years old gets asked that question. It’s especially... Read more