Charles Slechta

Letter: Motorists are far too lax

The correct use of turn signals; turning on headlights and wipers during wet weather; no texting or using a phone while driving – these are... Read more

Letter: Thanks, Samaritans

On May 14, my wife, Viola, and I had a flat tire and pulled off Walton Way at Camellia Road beside Lake Aumond. We called our insurance... Read more

Letter: Foliage endangers drivers

Why do businesses and shopping centers plant view-obstructing bushes at the exits of their parking areas? As they grow bigger the view of... Read more

Letter: Hospital care was superb

They broke tradition and sang When the Saints Go Marching In as I was wheeled out of the rehab department of Doctors... Read more

Letter: Veterans' tour superb...

I had the honor to spend a weekend recently in the presence of this nation’s giants. These giants were the hard bodies of 40, 50 and 60 years of... Read more

Letter: Thanks for moving carts

A big thank-you to the gentleman driving the little red car who was thoughtful enough to remove all the abandoned shopping carts from the... Read more

Letter: Riots are too frequent

No matter what the controversial issue is, you have a cadre of people who just want to riot and burn and steal. They can blend with the crowd and... Read more