Charles M. Stone

Letter: Vote for more productivity

There was a time when America produced all the food, items and products that it needed, plus plenty to ship out of the country.

In those... Read more

Letter: There's good news, too...

Being a member of the Marine Corps League, I have the privilege to participate in a volunteer program at the Charlie Norwood VA Hospital. While so... Read more

Letter: Bill Cosby is a treasure

Oh, how I would have enjoyed seeing Bill Cosby as he spoke at Paine College on Aug. 11.

He always has been such a fine man – family-oriented... Read more

Letter: Blame society, not guns

Walter Williams’ column “Are guns the problem?” (Jan. 17) is so very true and appropriate for this age and time.

I was given a .22 rifle for... Read more

Letter: Government stifles work

I get so aggravated at the media and Democrats who try to make people think a small business that makes over $250,000 is rich.

I am a single... Read more

Letter: Lay off Newt, regulations

I would like to comment on two subjects.

First, let’s quit beating up on Newt Gingrich. He is the only Republican candidate who has a proven... Read more

Letter: Quit finding ways to grow government

"Let us find a way to bring in more tax revenue instead of reducing expenditures." That seems to be the mantra of our political leaders.

... Read more