Catherine Rutland

Letter: Get to work, senators

The Constitution is the political bible of the United States republic. It is an ingenious plan that has survived the test of time. The... Read more

Letter: Right choice made on flag

The Confederates lost the war. The honorable thing to do at that point was to lower their flag. That is what they did. The flag was raised again... Read more

Letter: ASU history snubbed again

The Augusta State University Alumni Board of Directors has met just twice since consolidation, most recently at the Maxwell Alumni House. The... Read more

Letter: GRU tells us how to behave

Members of the “Jaguar Nation” received a note from the athletic director of Georgia Regents University Augusta recently. It announces the issuing... Read more

Letter: Azziz rulership is an affront

People with brick walls for heads should not be president of anything, most especially a university.

From the beginning, Georgia Regents... Read more

Letter: ASU tradition slips away

I now am a homeless Augusta College/Augusta State University alumna. Georgia Regents University took away our alumni house.

It’s the Maxwell... Read more

Letter: Don't ignore will of public...

The horrible new name being imposed on Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University is Georgia Regents University. The Medical... Read more