Brian Green

Column: Amid dysfunctional consolidated government, can mayor rise to...


Originally I wrote a guest column concerning the possibility of Richmond County voters extending to the mayor... Read more

Guest Column: Dwelling on differences keep us counterproductive


I have read numerous letters to the editor in The Augusta Chronicle regarding the stigmatization of black people. I am... Read more

Guest Column: Ditch self-serving leaders and help move us forward


We are getting ready to get, or are already getting, what we deserve here in our great city.

Over the years, even amid positive... Read more

Letter: Now let's save Augusta...

By all means, please, let us save the A.

While we bask in the recent decision by Georgia Regents University to add “Augusta” to its signs,... Read more

Guest Column: Let's roll on the issues that will help community...

Recently, I appeared before the Augusta Commission concerning the implementation of a county merit system. It... Read more

Letter: Get to work improving city

The time has come when people in our community are becoming more aware of our political misguidance and even lack of reasonable progress. Because... Read more

Column: Augusta needs vision to rise to its potential


Helen Keller once said: “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Here in Richmond County,... Read more

Guest Column: Government's decay hurting all citizens...


If Congress does not greatly reduce the level of authority, size and overall scope of the Internal Revenue Service – particularly... Read more

Letter: Homosexuality politicized

Homosexuality may be the political can of worms that, after being opened, will manifest itself in such a way that our society may never be the... Read more