Bobby Etheridge

Letter: Items deserve pondering


• Preachers on Christian television preach subjects other than the Gospel when the Gospel has not been preached enough. Creflo... Read more

Letter: Liberals are better

I have been an official Christian for 53 years, and a Christian for longer than that. I also am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran.

A... Read more

Letter: Country was much worse

I have been a Christian for more than 53 years. If the United States was founded on Christian principles, how did slavery exist for decades after... Read more

Letter: Nation hasn't been perfect...

Some preachers, male and female, on television put on a show when they preach. Creflo Dollar is making Christians think they can sin and get away... Read more

Letter: Learn who preaches best

Some preachers, both male and female, think if they preach real, real loud; real, real masculine; real, real emotional; or real, real fast, they... Read more

Letter: Slavery was un-Christian

If the United States was so Christian and so perfect when it was created, how did the slave trade and slavery exist for 100 years after it was... Read more

Letter: Not critical?

John Hagee, Matthew Hagee and Pat Robertson of The 700 Club are critical of many things. But one thing they are not critical of is the Mormon... Read more