Stories by Bob Young

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Column: Children in poverty need a rescue line to pull toward a brighter future

These are kids who can't dream big dreams and have to settle for just getting through life one step at a time.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015

Column: Saving Augusta's old buildings is splendid way to preserve history

The people, places and events that define our city are worth remembering. Saving an old building is one way.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014

Bob Young: The 'M' word: Why aren't more politicians talking about our money?

I'm looking for someone who will talk about my money and understands why this is important to me.
By Bob Young

Monday, Aug 18, 2014

Column: Say 'no' to higher taxes

The mayor and commission should show some backbone, just say "no" to the property tax increase and act like grown-ups with money they did not earn.
By Bob Young

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Column: Is racism the problem in Augusta's government? No -- it's everything but

Government discourse has gotten way too contentious - and personal.
By Bob Young

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Column: If he had a hammer: Augusta's next mayor needs stronger powers

Change means simply going back to what we were supposed to have - a strong mayor.
By Bob Young

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guest Column: Broaden search for school leaders

School districts mired in low expectations, entrenched bureaucracy, poor student performance and unmanageable finances are finding success in candidates with business credentials.
By Bob Young

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Column: High integrity is crucial for politicians to represent the people well

The upcoming elections would be a good time to insist on integrity first.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013

Guest Column: Is it hot in here or is it just confusing? Climate-change issue muddled

Competing claims about how hot it is, who's responsible (if anyone is) and how that will affect us do nothing to clear the air.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013

Column: In governmental rollouts of services, every misstep is magnified

You have to wonder why the government gets into customer service in the first place.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013

Column: Study promises better understanding of Savannah River Basin

The interim study offers the opportunity for a grand convergence of science and politics.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013

Column: Clarified water: Unlikely allies collaborate to make law clearer

If two of the most hated agencies in the federal system are able to articulate a regulatory policy that protects the environment and does not damage our fragile economy, they will indeed be ...
By Bob Young

Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

Column: Swamp people: Phinizy's inhabitants go back for generations

Sometimes the answers come easily. Other times they are more difficult to find. But it is the inherent desire to know that defines who we are.
By Bob Young

Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013

Column: What happened to 30901? New plan must be a game-changer

What we look for now is a 50-year plan that is a real game-changer.
By Bob Young

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013

Column: City could rise as a national leader in watershed management

The challenge facing Augusta is balancing competing goals of regulatory compliance; managing a successful program; and keeping it affordable.
By Bob Young

Sunday, Aug 25, 2013

Column: Sorry about that: America covered in avalanche of apologies

Fame, fortune and power do not always translate into good judgment.
By Bob Young

Sunday, Aug 18, 2013

Column: Repurposing the Patch: City property's future could lie elsewhere

We will do a disservice to future generations if we allow this opportunity slip by without a serious community conversation.
By Bob Young

Sunday, Aug 11, 2013

Column: Big Biz overwhelming, but smart consumers still have a voice

It's easy to give up the fight and settle for mediocrity. But as a consumer, you have the power to fight back.
By Bob Young

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Column: Augustans showed ironclad pride in ship that never saw battle

One-hundred-fifty years after her birth, the C.S.S. Georgia gives us opportunity to introduce to yet another generation the stories of individual sacrifice and courage
By Bob Young

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Column: Investing in clean water puts Augusta on the right course

Augusta went from a basket case to a national model. Utility revenues now are wisely dedicated to reinvestment in the system.
By Bob Young
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