Bob Waters

Letter: Can't defend anti-gunners...

Law abiding citizens outnumber felons at least 20 to 1. That’s why I don’t understand Benjamin Willis (“Nation needs fewer guns,” Aug. 5... Read more

Letter: Back Hillary Clinton? Why?

In the wake of the recent Benghazi hearings, all we heard from Democrats was that the hearings were a Republican witch hunt – that they were a pre... Read more

Letter: Disarmament is enslavement

In Victor Reilly’s gun-grabbing letter to the editor (“Solve gun rights problem,” April 17), he assures us that the term “militia” had a totally... Read more

Letter: Letter on Reagan wrong

Joaquin Godoy starts his letter (“Now, scrutinize Reagan,” Feb. 3) with the insinuation that President Obama tried to compromise with Republicans... Read more

Letter: Racism label unfounded

I can’t believe The Augusta Chronicle would give Edward Maner space to call everyone who has a different political bent from him and... Read more

Letter: Roberts' ruling was genius...

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a genius. Suppose Roberts is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What if Roberts was looking at a far... Read more

Letter: Don't knock speculators...

President Obama’s Justice Department wants to go after oil speculators on Wall Street. Perhaps he should look at his policies as the... Read more

Letter: Obama ruining our nation

We are not hearing about the evils of contraception from the Republicans. We are hearing about President Obama’s apparent dismissal of the First... Read more

Letter: Don't compromise with dangerous Obama...

I’m getting tired of all this “let’s work together and we can solve our problems.”

The Republican House is labeled... Read more