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Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015

Kirby: Canada among winners in postcard contest

Canada is many things. This summer, for example, it was the destination for 20 postcard senders, leading the list in our annual Vacation Contest.
By Bill Kirby

Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015

Kirby: Baseball fades with summer

The leaves are still green but GreenJackets baseball has gone out with a bang
By Bill Kirby

Monday, Sept. 7, 2015

Kirby: Foot race finish honored with medal

Want to see my medal? I actually received one Saturday morning at Lake Olmstead Stadium for my foot race finish in the GRU Run for the GreenJackets 5K.
By Bill Kirby

Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015

The Way We Were: Downtown banking boom

Downtown Augusta saw a banking boom in the late 1960s, particularly in the 600, 700 and 800 blocks of Broad Street.
By Bill Kirby

Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015

Kirby: Early jobs provided lessons on labor

Welcome to the weekend in which we celebrate work. It's also the weekend I celebrate my good fortune in finding the newspaper business, a vocation I discovered after sampling many others. At least ...
By Bill Kirby

Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015

Kirby: Teacher is advocate for power of words

My comments on the vanishing use of hardcover dictionaries earlier this week brought this response from Susan Phillips, a Latin and English teacher at A.R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering ...
By Bill Kirby

Monday, Aug 31, 2015

Kirby: Rain seems to start only after you get out of your car

There must be an immutable law of meteorology that says showers will come down hardest and wettest when you stop and have to make the transition inside to a dry place.
By Bill Kirby

Sunday, Aug 30, 2015

The Way We Were: Fire Prevention

Augusta has a long history of regularly going to the blazes, and the evidence of fires is everywhere.
By Bill Kirby

Saturday, Aug 29, 2015

Kirby: Dictionaries doomed in high-tech world

There is no need to lift a heavy book and thumb through those flimsy, Bible-like pages to find enlightenment. For this reason, I suspect, good, old-fashioned dictionaries are doomed.
By Bill Kirby

Friday, Aug 28, 2015

Chronicle marks 230th year

Today The Chronicle marks its 230th birthday and celebrates more than two centuries of providing this community and region with news and commercial information.
By Bill Kirby

Thursday, Aug 27, 2015

Kirby: Headed up North?

Heading north for a later summer vacation? A reader shares a few insights.
By Bill Kirby

Monday, Aug 24, 2015

Kirby: Even a well-kept lawn has some bad sides

Last month my lawn was so dry it was crackling. Now it softly squishes.
By Bill Kirby

Sunday, Aug 23, 2015

The Way We Were: Duke Restaurant

For almost 50 years, news, opinion, rumor and camaraderie mixed with grits and eggs at Duke Restaurant.
By Bill Kirby

Saturday, Aug 22, 2015

Kirby: Test your knowledge of August in Augusta

August and Augusta are very much alike, so let's celebrate the city and the last full month of summer with a quiz.
By Bill Kirby

Thursday, Aug 20, 2015

Kirby: Travelers bring luck to home teams

Back when I used to travel more, I would always try to catch as many out-of-town baseball games as I could. Some of you still do that.
By Bill Kirby

Monday, Aug 17, 2015

Kirby: Vacationers make Scotland, France

Postcards were posted from Scotland, France and across America.
By Bill Kirby

Sunday, Aug 16, 2015

The Way We Were: Wrightsboro Road

Wrightsboro Road is one of the oldest travel routes in the region. The Creek Indians followed its path from the Georgia interior to the Savannah River.
By Bill Kirby

Saturday, Aug 15, 2015

Kirby: Where there's a way, there's a will

The Georgia Department of Public Health keeps a lot of data, and one of the most interesting lists of statistics involves baby names. Well, guess what name is the most popular for the newest of ...
By Bill Kirby

Friday, Aug 14, 2015

Video: A meteor shower in Georgia

Mark Albertin, an Augusta videographer, got this time-lapse view of the heavens, the stars, the Milky Way and the Perseid meteors before a summer haze dulled the vantage point.
By Bill Kirby

Thursday, Aug 13, 2015

Kirby: Simple tips can help improve vacation

Vacation season is winding down, but if you still have one last trip to make before autumn, The Wall Street Journal collected some experts to offer some simple advice to make it better.
By Bill Kirby
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