Bill Harding

Letter: You mustn't blame Obama...

The letter to the editor submitted by Ronnie Mullis regarding Volkswagen diesels (“Don’t demonize diesels,” April 26) mentions President... Read more

Letter: Editorial disappointing

I was quite disappointed when I read The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial “No innocent parties” (Oct. 31) about the... Read more

Letter: Don't tangle with 'axis'...

Your April 26 editorial (“Axis of hegemony”) appears to be a call to arms. Could you be sincere in your apparent belief that the United States... Read more

Letter: Lawsuit will cost plenty

I realize that the biggest news stories right now concern the November elections, in which Georgia’s Democrats, independents, Libertarians, and... Read more

Letter: School's name important...

I’ve read the letter to the editor from John Wesley Stokes, a man appalled by verbal attacks on Georgia Health Sciences University President... Read more

Letter: United States should just keep to itself

Your March 15 editorial ("'Present' and unaccounted for") contained a reference to the unrest in the Mideast and Libya in particular -- which I... Read more

Why bail out American automotive industry?

The automobile industry bailout is a horrible idea!

I am dead set against the use of my tax dollars to bail out any privately held or... Read more