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Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015

Author explores what makes us want to scream

Margee Kerr says she has the best job in the world: She studies fear for a living, and loves to scare herself as part of her research. Kerr is a sociologist with a Ph.D.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015

Haunted houses, creepy mazes and other Halloween attractions

Escape rooms, zombie fights and carnival sideshow freaks are a few of the themes popping up at Halloween attractions this year.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Aug 22, 2015

Discarded objects are reborn as light fixtures

NEW YORK - Household objects, industrial cast-offs and vintage farm tools - all these and more are being salvaged and upcycled into lighting fixtures that range from elegant to funky to pure wow.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Friday, July 31, 2015

Adult coloring books selling like crazy

NEW YORK - Adult coloring books are giving Harper Lee a run for the money on best-seller lists this summer. Dover Publications has sold more than 3 million adult coloring books with titles such as ...
By Beth J. Harpaz

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trendy but calm: Adult coloring books selling like crazy

Adult coloring books occupied as many of eight of the top 20 slots in a spot-check of Amazon's best-seller list this week.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Did your dog get skunked? Here's an easy remedy

A search for an antidote for one of the most unbearable smells on earth reveals a lot.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Old Havana shows realistic Cuba

In some destinations, tourist areas are located far from the rhythms of everyday life. But visitors who wander through Old Havana - Habana Vieja, as locals call it - can't help but get a sense of ...
By Beth J. Harpaz

Experience Cuban life via Airbnb properties

In the two months since Airbnb started doing business in Cuba, listings have ballooned to about 2,000.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Asheville's River Arts District truly vibrant

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Many cities have transformed their old industrial zones into attractive neighborhoods for recreation, shopping and new small businesses.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Express yourself at graduation

It's hard to stand out at graduation when dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your classmates are dressed in identical caps and gowns. But some students individualize their appearance by ...
By Beth J. Harpaz

Things to know when attending a college graduation

NEW YORK - Is someone in your family graduating from college this year? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind that might preserve your sanity on commencement day.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, April 25, 2015

More proms are becoming platforms

NEW YORK - Proms have traditionally been a night of glamour and romance, complete with backstage drama over dates and dresses. But prom culture is changing.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015

Spring break beckons for millions of winter-weary people

NEW YORK - Who doesn't need a spring break from the cold weather so many places are experiencing? Here's a look at destinations offering everything from beaches to baseball to music festivals. 
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015

New in cruises: Snow rooms, better Wi-Fi and other wows

NEW YORK - Snow rooms, better Wi-Fi and a continued emphasis on specialty food and drink are some of the trends for cruising in the next year or two. Here are some details.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014

Top travel destinations for 2015

NEW YORK - See Cuba before it changes. Check out the Expo in Milan.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014

Giant trees, gingerbread add to dazzle of holidays

NEW YORK - The dark days of December are being lit up with holiday sparkle all over the map, from creative Christmas trees to giant menorahs. Gingerbread houses, light displays and train shows are ...
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014

Gadgets, bags make good gifts for on the go

NEW YORK - What's the best travel bag? What's the must-have gadget for travelers? AP Travel asked people who travel for a living what they can't leave home without.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

Hanukkah takes on glitter of Christmas

Christmas has Elf on the Shelf. Now Hanukkah has Mensch on a Bench - not to mention Maccabee on the Mantel.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014

'Sesame Street' turns 45

NEW YORK - You don't get to be the longest-running children's show in U.S. TV history by doing the same thing over and over.
By Beth J. Harpaz

Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

St. Louis museum happily goes to the dogs

ST. LOUIS - Exhibits include dog paintings, dog sculptures and displays about famous dogs. But what really makes this St. Louis museum unique is the visitors: Dogs are welcome.
By Beth J. Harpaz
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