Bennie Harbin

Letter: Don't tout politicians...

I was amazed by the Jan. 30 letter “Dump Trump; choose Cruz.” Apparently, writer Diane Giddings had rather hear the politicians brag about... Read more

Letter: Put Mullins in House

During my last trip to the barber shop, my barber asked me whom I was going to vote for to fill the legislative position that my son had for... Read more

Letter: It's quite simple...

How does a Christian vote for a Democrat? It’s simple: Hold your nose closed with thumb and forefinger, and forget about Obamacare, gay marriage,... Read more

Letter: Just one more sign tweak

Now that the transformation has begun, why not finish the job?

Since we now have or will have “Georgia Regents University Augusta” on signs... Read more

Letter: Remember this in 2014

So much is said today about the Affordable Care Act, which really is an oxymoron.

Health care may be affordable to someone who has millions... Read more

Letter: Name still needs changing

Recently, our granddaughter required treatment at the former Medical College of Georgia Hospital for her problem. I must admit that I was amazed... Read more

Letter: Look to Bible for answer

I am responding to Jeff Miller’s letter regarding “Science is mankind’s savior” (Aug. 21) with just one Bible verse – Psalm 53:1:

“The fool... Read more

Letter: Keep Ashley Wright as DA

I just completed a six-month stint on the Columbia County Grand Jury. On our last day, I told District Attorney Ashley Wright that I learned a lot... Read more

Letter: Don't debate John Barrow...

I encourage Republican 12th District candidate for Congress Lee Anderson not to debate U.S. Rep. John Barrow.

Barrow’s actions are well-... Read more