Barry Cook

Letter: See real race problem

“The United States is racist!” This statement has become commonplace among some. So I ask people who believe this, do you know what this... Read more

Letter: Masters makes U.S. great

My love affair with the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament started in 1961 standing on the 18th watching Arnold Palmer... Read more

Letter: Rethink school approach

Why do we need boards of education? What do these organizations – federal, state, local – add to your child’s education?

... Read more

Letter: Here's how America loses...

America’s indoctrination in progressivism is complete. Let me explain.

Families A and B go on vacation together. At check... Read more

Letter: Don't submit to radicals...

In 1985, 69-year-old Leon Klinghoffer was killed by a Palestinian thug aboard the cruise ship Achille Lauro. His body was thrown overboard... Read more

Letter: Fee gives funds forever

Suppose your child asks for an extra $6.40 a month allowance, forever. When you ask why, the child says, “I am going to spend it wisely, trust me... Read more

Letter: Will new super succeed?

Another year has passed. Some things change but one invariable is the performance of the Richmond County school system.

This school year,... Read more

Letter: Change the terror fight

Whenever I hear the term “war on terror,” I get annoyed. Terror is a tactic, not an enemy.

If we are at war, declare war against an enemy,... Read more