Augusta Chronicle Editorial Board

Editorial: Secret Service, public disservice

The Colombia hotel at the center of the Secret Service prostitution scandal is declining comment, saying it wants to protect the privacy of its... Read more

Editorial: 'A new era of frugality'...

Charting your life by federal fiscal projections is like trying to forecast the weather with a photograph of the horizon.

Markets change.... Read more

Editorial: Giving capitalism a bad name

We’ll say it again: If the Occupy Wall Street protesters are upset about taxpayers seeing little to no benefit from massive corporate bailouts –... Read more

Editorial: Bottom line

Almost all the public discourse surrounding the politics of pregnancy involves the life and health and choice of the mother.

For Stacie... Read more

Editorial: Ended, but not over

No amount of time in prison is enough for having taken an innocent life. Certainly not 90 days.

But Daniel Johnson’s guilty plea to... Read more

Editorial: An awful example

Oh, how coaches would love to be able to pick winners and losers.

Well, Steve Spurrier is attempting to appropriate that power.... Read more

Editorial: Rapid response

When you’ve got an out-of-control blaze, the first step is to contain it.

Enter Chris James.

We know James, and we believe the... Read more

Editorial: Put a fence up around Iran

It comes, mercifully, without the bang of an explosion or the blood of innocents. But the world, nonetheless, has run smack into yet another... Read more

Editorial: A swift evacuation

It’s a good thing the Augusta-Richmond County Fire Department has a haz-mat team. They need one.

Faced with a union revolt, questions... Read more

Editorial: What do they want?

We’re not exactly sure what the unhappy campers occupying Wall Street and other public places in America want. In some cases, neither do... Read more