Augusta Chronicle Editoral Staff

Editorial: Partisans on the payroll

CNN was shocked – shocked! – that one of its hyperpartisan Democrat "contributors" leaked information to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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The impossible case of Hillary Clinton

Did you know the world's largest known living organism is a mushroom?

Until now, apparently. Clinton corruption, currently being charted by... Read more

Editorial: Reject changes to judicial commission; support proposed fund...

Of the other three constitutional amendments on the Georgia ballot Nov. 8, the one that would scrap the Judicial Qualifications... Read more

Editorial: Mistreating marriage

If aliens from another galaxy are monitoring our news and entertainment media, then they probably think gay marriage is the norm and that man-... Read more

Editorial: PlaceHolder

The third refuge of the Obama administration is to try to win the press over in private off-the-record briefings that can’t be reported on by... Read more

Editorial: What is it with Rutgers?

Newly installed Rutgers University Athletic Director Julie Hermann lectures us that “there is a vast difference between high intensity and abusive... Read more