Augusta Chronical Editorial Staff

Editorial: Stuck with the bill

You might have heard the story of the husband who wants to paint the home blue, and his wife who wants it painted yellow. Their compromise –... Read more

Editorial: Which Georgia is this?

Can you imagine the state government stepping in and deciding you’ve got enough restaurants in your area? Or hardware stores? Or grocery stores?... Read more

Editorial: It's up to us...

We appreciate President Obama’s sentiments for a safe society, particularly for children.

Moreover, his plan for gun control sounds... Read more

Editorial: Catfish hunters

At best, Manti Te’o is a hopelessly new-fashioned romantic – unbelievably easily taken in by a supposed Internet suitor who apparently never even... Read more

Editorial: Consuming the Hostess

America’s recent mourning for Twinkies, Ding Dongs and other Hostess products does the heart good, even if the junk food does not.

But the... Read more

Editorial: Occupy this

Some people see the world as it is, and lay down and protest.

Others see the world as it could be, and line up for jobs.

While the... Read more