Arlene Candy

Letter: Blame yourself for Trump

The new question of the day apparently is: Who is to blame for the rise of Donald Trump?

The answer is very simple. Look... Read more

Letter: Haley responded poorly

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley couldn’t have come off more as a Democratic sympathizer if she rode into the South Carolina Statehouse on a... Read more

Letter: Woman recalls Tea Party differently


I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Schorsch at the April 15 Tea Party on Augusta Common. She was polite, but evasive when I inquired... Read more

Letter: Date marks the day our country died


In the Don McLean song American Pie, there is a verse that says "the day the music died."

On March 21, at about 10:30... Read more

Citizens need to head off government

Why did the people "wait" to protest? This seems to be the only question the left-wing media care about as they continue to bash the April 15 tea... Read more