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Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013

Change up the rolls at Thanksgiving

Dukkah monkey rolls will give you something a little different at Thanksgiving.
By Alison Ladman

Friday, Nov. 9, 2012

Flavor turkey with a brown sugar-apple cider brine

If you are going to go to the (admittedly little) trouble of brining your Thanksgiving turkey, be sure to set the bar higher than simply adding moisture.
By Alison Ladman

A classic stuffing combination - sausage and pecan

When it comes to Thanksgiving stuffing, it’s hard to get a more classic flavor combination than sausage and pecans. The result is a salty, nutty, sweet, crunchy and tender combination of flavors ...
By Alison Ladman

Classic meal needs a classic finish - pumpkin pie

A classic Thanksgiving dinner is only complete with the classic finish — an aromatic pumpkin pie rich with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, and topped with pillowy soft mounds of whipped cream.
By Alison Ladman

A simple, but robust salad that stands out

To stand out in a Thanksgiving spread, a salad must be bold and flavorful. Yet it should not compete with the other flavors on the table.
By Alison Ladman

A fresh take on carrots for Thanksgiving - a tart

These simple, yet elegant individual tarts are at once surprisingly sweet and satisfyingly savory. It’s thanks to the wonderful interplay between the carrots and lemon juice, the thyme and sage.
By Alison Ladman

Ginger flan this is rich, creamy and worth the wait

A dessert this great is worth the wait. A rich, creamy custard with caramelized sugar is topped with sugared rolled oats and dried cranberries that take a long bath in apple brandy.
By Alison Ladman

Sometimes a simple veg dish is the most impressive

A recipe can impress with its flavors without requiring endless hours of prep. This simple dish of blanched asparagus and haricots verts is a great example.
By Alison Ladman

Cranberry-pancetta stuffing that's truly stovetop

And you thought there were only two ways to cook stuffing — roasted in the bird or baked in a casserole dish.
By Alison Ladman

Adding a serious DIY element to mashed potatoes

Want to truly elevate your mashed potatoes? Make them with your own butter and buttermilk.
By Alison Ladman

Turkey with tons of flavor, but not tons of labor

A porcini-soy turkey with shallot-truffle gravy.
By Alison Ladman

No roasted bird needed for this cornbread stuffing

We spooned a delicious savory cornbread stuffing into portobello mushroom caps. The result is as attractive as it is delicious.
By Alison Ladman

Slaw is fresh take on the Thanksgiving veg

A fresh approach to the fresh vegetable on our meat-free Thanksgiving table. Rather than a salad, we went with a slaw.
By Alison Ladman

A tender no-knead Thanksgiving dinner roll

Our recipe requires no kneading and little effort. You pretty much dump everything in a bowl, mix, set aside, shape and bake.
By Alison Ladman

A colorful, seasonal quiche for Thanksgiving

This simple, colorful quiche is jammed with seasonal vegetables and has just enough rich gruyere to make it taste indulgent.
By Alison Ladman

Mousse cake pushes aside the pumpkin pie

A vegetarian Thanksgiving already is messing with tradition, so there's no reason not to push things a little more and lose the pumpkin pie, too.
By Alison Ladman

Soup offers a fresh take on squash at Thanksgiving

There’s little question about it — butternut squash belongs on the Thanksgiving table. But that shouldn’t lock you into the two tried, true and overdone means of preparing it — mashing and roasting.
By Alison Ladman

Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011

Watermelon is more than a red wedge

Learn how to make watermelon rind relish and watermelon pudding tart.
By Alison Ladman

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tasty dippers rely on perfect blend

Concocting a dip to dunk your fruit into can make it a little more enticing, and a lot more fun.
By Alison Ladman

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