Alan English

'Chronicle' will convert to new size...

The Augusta Chronicle plans to trim its newspaper width by 1½ inches beginning Tuesday.

Reporting the news, providing... Read more

'Chronicle' to trim newspaper width...

The Augusta Chronicle is losing weight to be a healthier and leaner community news provider.

In mid-October, we will trim 1 1/2... Read more

We're still here for you after 225 years...

We've hit 225 years of serving the community. While our methods of gathering and delivering the news continue to change, our overall mission to... Read more

Your Business is in a state of change


Today you might be wondering, "Where is my Monday Your Business section?"

It's not gone; it's morphing and growing. You will... Read more

Alan English: Living with technology works only if we survive

We barrel down the road in two tons of metal -- unafraid of the risks involved in checking e-mail or messages on our cell phones. We are driven to... Read more

'Chronicle' is boosting coverage, online efforts

Things are looking up for our community and for The Augusta Chronicle in 2010, our 225th year as a newspaper.

The outlook for local... Read more

Focus on newspapers blurs full media picture

Swine flu panic, stock market plunge, newspapers on death bed -- all make for great headlines, but true? Sure, somewhat. People were panicking... Read more

A more locally focused 'Chronicle' to use urgency, innovation

The first few days in any new job can be a whirlwind.

Where are the bathrooms? Who answers to whom? Faces and names.

Try starting... Read more