A.E. Waters

Letter: Parkway lights wasteful

Having a chance to ride in a car today and not having to look at traffic, I thought it would be interesting to find out how many light posts... Read more

Letter: Improve animal shelter

Recently The Augusta Chronicle had a news item pertaining to our local animal shelter and the apparently impossible... Read more

Letter: Election cycle too long

A local TV broadcast recently said we have 570 days to the elections. Was that 570 days to Election Day or the inauguration? I am too fed up to... Read more

Letter: Leaders seem too familiar

Watching the news conference between leaders of two countries – German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama – it turns me off how the... Read more

Letter: Highway honor obscured

I would like to know: How many people know where the Judge John J. Ruffin Jr. Memorial Highway is?

I was not aware of it existing until I... Read more