A.C. Forgay

Letter: Interest rules flawed

In 2008, my wife and I decided to retire. We weren’t rich, but our financial planner agreed that we had enough income and resources to retire. I... Read more

Letter: Protest wasn't peaceful...

I must comment on the April 21 Augusta Chronicle editorial “Rallying around the flag.” I take issue with the fact both Valdosta State... Read more

Letter: Get tough on radical Islam

History tells us that religion probably saved the world 2,000-plus years ago. If we continue down the same path we are on now, religion may cause... Read more

Letter: Obama needs to step up

A group of Islamic jihadists have already murdered, in cold blood, two innocent Americans and threaten to kill many more. Under the Constitution... Read more

Letter: Blame Obama, Reid, Boehner

President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Majority Leader John Boehner are equally responsible for the shutdown of the... Read more

Letter: Big business ruining nation

Our government – including the executive, legislative and judicial branches – is the most corrupt in our history. We are being governed by less... Read more

Give Israel, Palestinians single state

The revolutions taking place in the Middle East represent the beginning of a new world order. These young men and women are sacrificing their... Read more

Letter: Government is failing catastrophically

Recently I received a "2011 Nationwide Policy Survey" from House Speaker John Boehner. I was asked to fill out the survey and return it as soon as... Read more

Letter: Obama made 'false choice' on Libya...

Recently on NPR, I heard a replay of President Obama espousing his views on America's "false choices" over the years. Certainly we have made... Read more