Artist Portrait: Jason Craig

Craig's favorite local art event is ArtZilla in September.

Artist Jason Craig thought he wanted to be an engineer as a child.


“I liked to draw. I had a drafting kit,” said Craig, a senior graphic designer for Wier/Stewart. “It all evolved from there.”

Ironically, Craig didn’t do well in art class in school and coloring in the lines or the set parameters in the class didn’t work for him.

“I wanted to do my own thing,” Craig said. “I don’t think I was fine artist material.”

Outside of his art-related career, Craig likes to paint, but he spends a lot of time drawing with pen and ink.

“I do so much pen and ink,” he said. “I have sketchbooks full and tubs and tubs of drawing.”

One of Craig’s favorite art events during the year is ArtZilla in September. A group of area artists get together and spend the weekend creating individual works that will be auctioned at the end of the event.

“I look forward to that most of the year,” he said. “As soon as it’s over, I look forward to the next year. I like being around other artists out in the elements. I like being out three straight days.”

While the same core group of artists participates each year, “I always like to have someone new and young. It’s a good opportunity,” he said.

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