Audience has role in Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre's 'Game Show'

Jeff Lowe, as cameraman Jerry, is ready to go on the air for Game Show with Tere Luke portraying Troy Richards, the host of "America's favorite trivia contest."

Tere Luke’s fellow cast members have been working to keep the actor on his toes for the upcoming Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre production of Game Show.


“They’ve been throwing me a lot of curves lately, giving me very unusual names and occupations. It’s been really fun,” said Luke, who plays the emcee, Troy Richards, in the show.

For Game Show, the fourth wall, separating audience and performers, has been shattered. Luke will interact with audience members, who get to participate in the play as game show contestants with the opportunity to win real prizes. That means a lot of improvisation for Luke, and he said he’s relishing the opportunity.

Game Show is about a long-running trivia-based television game show. It is set in a television studio with a live audience. Though there are a lot of off-the-cuff moments, the scripted dialogue takes place during the commercial breaks.

Director Steve Walpert said there will be a lot of multimedia used in the production, and that was one of the draws for Luke.

“It’s very, very different,” Luke said. “It’s so much fun.”

Walpert learned about the play while perusing the Internet. In his attempts to find licensing information, he ended up contacting the playwright himself, Jeffrey Finn.

“I e-mailed the playwright to find out when it might be available for non-Equity (Actors’ Equity Association) productions. He said he would be willing to give a production license. He was happy for the Army to produce the play,” Walpert said.

Being the first amateur, non-union production is important to Walpert, who is entering this production in the annual Army Festival of the Arts. Over the years, Walpert and Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre have garnered numerous awards in the annual competition.

Game Show will be presented on May 11-12, 18-19 and 24-26 at Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre, Bldg. 32100, Third Avenue. Dinner begins at 7 p.m. followed by the performance at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $40 for civilians, $38 for senior citizens, military retirees, Department of Army civilians, active duty E-7 and above; $30 for active duty E-6 and below and $25 for the show only.

The public is allowed on Fort Gordon and must enter through Gate 1 on Gordon Highway and present a photo ID. Drivers must present drivers’ license, car registration and insurance.

For reservations, call (706) 793-8552.


WHAT: Game Show

WHEN: May 11-12, 18-19, 24-26; dinner 7 p.m., show 8 p.m.

WHERE: Fort Gordon Dinner Theatre, Bldg. 32100, Third Avenue

TICKETS: $30-$40; show only $25; (706) 793-8552,