Find good way to use free time

At about 5:45 p.m. last weekend, I looked at my schedule and realized I wasn’t scheduled to do anything all weekend. I mean I had absolutely nothing scheduled: no concert, no event, no remote, no production … nothing. I was 100 percent certifiably free for the entire weekend.


As I locked my office door and began to walk to the elevator I felt a sense of excitement. Oh the things I could do, all the projects I could complete and the cleaning I could get done!

All the way home, I compiled a list of projects that I had started and not completed … the two loads of laundry that were waiting for me, the oven that needed to be cleaned, the floors that needed to be mopped. I would be able to get it done.

When I arrived home and hit the garage opener I saw that my Halloween decorations were sitting there ready to be put up. Oh yes, I was going to do that, too.

I walked into the house, and Denzel (my dog) barked and jumped with excitement. It was as if he knew I was off, too. Mentally, I added “take Denzel to the dog park” to my list.

As I started up the stairs I could see the vacuum cleaner. Humph! I could vacuum and mop too after I did the laundry and took Denzel to the dog park. I’d do it all tomorrow. Tonight, I thought, let me rest up for all the things I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Saturday morning I woke up, full of zeal and ready to get my day started. I did a big stretch and when I did, I noticed my nails looked horrible. I couldn’t possibly do all that housework with my nails looking like that! I jumped up, showered, dressed and went to get a quick manicure and pedicure.

Now I was ready to complete my list of things to do. As I headed home, I could feel the anxiety in my stomach. At least that’s what I thought it was at first …then it rumbled. I was just hungry so I stopped to order a salad. Surely I’d work faster on a full stomach.

Full and happy, I headed home. After all, I had a lot to do today.

I walked in the house, turned on the vacuum, and vacuumed every room. Then I threw a load of laundry in the wash, mopped the floors and cleaned out the fridge. Denzel came out from under the couch (he’s scared of the vacuum cleaner) all ready to go for his walk. I took him for his walk, then came back home. I turned on the radio and started to put up the Halloween decorations.

I had done just about everything on my list! Just as I was about to pat myself on the back, Superwoman by Karen White came on the radio followed by an announcement about the Miracle Mile walk.

I had gotten a lot done today, I thought, but how many really Super women do everything they do and do it with husbands, kids and carpooling, all the while with cancer? My grandmother did, my aunt did and certainly I have plenty of girlfriends that have too. I smiled, walked in the house, picked up my laptop and signed up to walk with my friend Marilyn for the Miracle Mile Breast Cancer Walk.

Then I washed my hands and started cooking my spicy cabbage. After all, you’re never going to be like a superwoman unless you practice and learn from them. They’ll be a lot of them at the Miracle Mile walk, hope to see you there, too!


Miracle Mile 3-Mile Breast Cancer Walk: 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, Augusta Common; University Health Care Foundation (706) 667-0030,

Zumba Party in Pink: 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, Gregg Park Civic Center; $7 advance, $10 at door; (803) 663-7552

What You Need to Know about Breast Cancer: noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, University Hospital Cafeteria dining rooms 4-6, 1350 Walton Way; Matthew S. Pugliese, M.D., surgeon, speaker; free; for breast cancer patients and family members only; reservations required; (706) 828-2502,

Eating Healthy – Tips & Tools for the Busy Professional: October Breast Cancer Awareness Lunch & Learn, education and support for women and families affected by breast cancer; 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19, Georgia Health Sciences Cancer Center, 1411 Laney-Walker Blvd., second floor, conference room 2112; presented by Lindsay Baker RD, LD; free, reservations required by Oct. 17; lunch provided; Nicole Aenchbacher (706) 721-4109

We Think Pink Dinner: Silent auction begins 6 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21, Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center; speaker – Hoda Kotb, of NBC’s Today show and Dateline NBC; $40, $275 table of eight; tickets at The Augusta Chronicle, 725 Broad St., The Columbia County News-Times, 4272 Washington Road, Evans; wethinkpink