April Klan rally planned in Clearwater

AIKEN - The state officer of the Ku Klux Klan plans to hold a rally in Clearwater the weekend before the Masters.


Tim Bradly, Grand Dragon of the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan plans to hold the rally on April 3 in Clearwater. The organization's last local rally was held in Burnettown in September 2000.

Bradly would need to contact the county if he plans to use a public park, said Assistant County Administrator Todd Glover.

Bradly said he is interested in using Harrison-Cavers Park's ballpark, but he said he has not been able to confirm his reservation for April 3.

"I haven't gotten a call back yet," he said.

Glover said that the county Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department has not received notice about the rally. In some cases, a rental agreement would have to be signed, but there are no restrictions on what type of group can hold a rally, festival or other event at public parks, Glover said.

"If you rent to one person, you have to rent to all," he said. "We'll have to abide by that."

April's rally will focus on immigration issues and the current administration, Bradly said.

"We're going to have a membership drive, and see what the people have to say," Bradly said. "We support the rights of white people, and we do these rallies for the things we think we need. We follow the guidelines that the Klan was founded on in 1865."

The Aiken County area has about 85 Klan members, and there are about 220 members throughout the state, he said.

Bradly said he had no idea that the rally would fall on the week of the Masters.

"I don't follow golf, so I didn't know when it would be held," he said.

The organization will have its own security on hand for the rally in April, but Bradly said the Aiken County Sheriff's Office will also help patrol.

Bradly said he is currently finalizing the time and location of the gathering, but he hopes to hold the rally at a Clearwater ballpark.

County Administrator Clay Killian said Bradly would not need a permit or permission to hold the rally.

"If anybody wants to come, it's open to everybody," Bradly said. "Just come to listen to what's being said without drinking, drugs or violence."





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