Section 4: 2001 - Future


So, what's next?

If we have learned anything from the first decade of the new millennium, it is that we often don't fare well at predicting the future.

We get parts of it right, and there are always a few who like to brag that they saw this or that coming.

But no one sees it all.

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James Brown said it loud

The passing of internationally acclaimed performer James Brown on Christmas Day 2006 brought a national outpouring of loss and love, and an international focus on the hometown he never forgot.


Graniteville train wreck took lives, jobs

Early on the morning of Jan. 6, 2005, a freight train carrying more than 250 tons of chlorine crashed into locomotives and rail cars parked on a spur line. The release of deadly gases killed nine.


'Chronicle' among first papers

The South's oldest newspaper is also one of the oldest in the nation. The Augusta Chronicle began as the Augusta Gazette, which the record indicates first was published Aug. 30, 1785.


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AU professor doing research on Gulf War health disparities
An Augusta University professor is being funded to do research on the health disparities of female veterans involved in the first Gulf War compared to their male counterparts.