Section 2: 1886 - 1950


Augusta changed considerably between 1885 and 1950. The town that folks began to call The Garden City attracted Northern guests because of its mild winters.

Grand hotels such as the Bon Air and Partridge Inn catered to presidents of companies and U.S. presidents.

The visitors also brought golf -- a game new to this area -- and from that grew an Augusta tradition of fine courses that ultimately led to the creation of the Augusta National Golf Club and the annual Masters Tournament.

Though the mills along the canal continued to hum, the agrarian economy of the region began to wane. New opportunities arose and Augusta continued -- as it always had -- to reinvent itself.

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Laney's desire to teach left an enduring legacy

Augusta has much for which to thank Lucy Craft Laney. The woman who lived from 1854 to 1933 founded the area's first schools for black students.


Blacks-only business district thrived

In the 1920s, several city blocks along Augusta's Ninth Street came to be known as the "Golden Blocks," a place where black-owned businesses thrived.


Legacy of community service left by 'Herald'

For almost half its history, The Augusta Chronicle's major newspaper competitor was the Augusta Herald.


Augusta resurfaced after major flooding

Augusta is no stranger to floods. No city on the banks of a big river would be. And after the terrible floods of 1908, 1929 and 1990, Augusta would always react.


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