You've got questions; we've got answers

Q: How can I submit a letter to the editor?


A: E-mail your letter to or fill out our online form at

We condense letters when necessary. Most will not exceed 300 words.

A letter must include the writer's name and city, which will be published, and an address and telephone number for verification, which will not be published.

Writers might be limited to one letter every 30 days. Open letters, letters to third parties and poetry are not considered. Letters from people living outside The Chronicle's circulation area usually are not considered.

Q: How do I submit a rant or rave?

A: Submit your rant or rave by filling out the online form at

You can also find a link beneath each day's Rants and Raves feature in the Metro section in the newspaper.

Please keep your comments as brief and focused as possible, and try to be courteous. We try to print all the comments we receive.

Q: How do I place an obituary?

A: The Augusta Chronicle publishes the first 12 lines of an obituary free. Additional lines can be purchased. Obituaries are submitted by the funeral homes and may be edited for style and policy. Your funeral home can assist you with the details.

The deadline for the next day's publication is 5 p.m. You can contact us with any questions at (706) 823-3351.

Q: May I e-mail The Augusta Chronicle a birth, marriage, or engagement announcement?

A: Yes, you may send the announcements to

A wedding announcement form may also be obtained by calling our classified advertising department at (706) 828-3844, or you may download one from A number of packages are available, and you may also download a birth announcement form or a keepsakes edition form (pdf format).

The deadline for receiving the information is 10 business days before the day you wish your announcement to be printed. For example, to be printed on Sunday, Aug. 23, your photo and form must be received no later than Monday, Aug. 10.

It is best to get it in even earlier. Two to three weeks is preferred. Please note that Saturdays and Sundays do not count as business days.

Q: Where do I find engagement, wedding, birth, or legal announcements?

A: Engagements and wedding announcements can be found in our special wedding section at

Birth announcements are updated every Sunday and can be found Many legal announcements can be found at

Q: How do I get a copy of an article or photo?

A: Published articles and photos are available from The Augusta Chronicle. There is a fee for this service. For more information, call the Library at (706) 823-3229.