Profile: Toni Baker

WHEN YOU WORKED HERE: October 1978-August 1985


WHAT YOU DID HERE: General assignment reporter who covered religion, consumer affairs, crime and whatever else needed covering for three years, then five years as the science/medicine reporter.

WHAT YOU DO NOW: Public relations manager for the Medical College of Georgia (been here since 1985).

FAVORITE CHRONICLE REMEMBRANCE: Riding an elephant (thought I would NEVER get rid of the smell) and boxing the kangaroo Killer Willard (didn't know he could fight with all four feet); running into the newsroom on deadline on a Saturday night to write a front page story; working with awesome reporters and editors who cared about the business; and the privilege of informing the public.

AMUSING ANECDOTE: Kris Kristofferson was in town for a concert and held a media briefing.

Everyone in the newsroom knew I thought he was awesome, so I got the story. When I first saw him, for the first (and only) time in my life, I was speechless. When I finally found my voice, I asked him to marry me.